Ethno Spirits Saint-Martin

Fort Louis at the time of the Ethno Spirits !
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From Friday, march 10th to Sunday, march 12th 2023, from 7 pm to 9 pm get ready to live a unique experience.
The Fort Louis of Marigot will be dressed in its dress of light like never before.
Ethno Spirits is announcing its own history. A sensory, exceptional and ephemeral adventure created and led by David Gumbs,
multimedia artist. Be at the rendezvous of Art, be at the heart of digital creation.

Double winner of Mondes Nouveaux both Saint-Martin and Martinique, David Gumbs opens us to his imagination where visible,
invisible and imaginary are invited to the great ball of visual and sound creation.

Art Direction : David Gumbs
Production : Association Color Leaf
Led installation + mapping : L-Media
Graphic Design : Kiron Key Kno972
Editoral content : Myrtha Richards Marie-Joseph
Sound design : Jeff Baillard, Doub6
Assistants : Chamika Germain, Emmanuel Charle
Logistics : Collectivité de Saint-Martin, Tourism office
Special thanks to all those who contributed to the success of Ethno Spirits and that are too many to mention here

Ethno Spirits Saint-MartinDavid